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Special offers in the Danube Delta

Special offers in the Danube Delta: transport in Danube Delta, accommodation in Danube Delta, trips in Delta, team building depoveste in Danube Delta, fishing programs and programs for seniors. To really enjoy the amazing Danube Delta, we offer you fishing programs in the Danube Delta’s heart, and special programs for seniors. . Autumn in the Danube Delta is ravishing. By the end of November, here are organized events and parties, and team building programs, because the Danube Delta is for everyone.


Take your time and try all the activities and dishes that you can find only here, in the Danube Delta! Fish borsch (soup), carp brine, stuffed pike, grilled fish with polenta are just a part of the Danubian cuisine recipes.The trips in the Danube Delta are always a joy for tourists, because every time they find out something new. Each season in Delta offers stunning landscapes, incredible images of the unique animals and birds which are protected by law. Spend your holiday in a corner of heaven, relax yourself in the exotic resorts, taste the incredible delights and have fun traveling with your friends or loved ones. Do not hesitate and book your next holiday! We promise that it will be full of adventure!


Reviews / What our guests say

  • I was in the Danube Delta many times with my husband. We have a boat, and we explored every single lake and canal. I didn’t think that the Danube Delta could surprise me, but I was wrong. The team building organized at the Danube Delta - Gociman in Crisan was sensational! Extraordinary and dedicated  people, amazing location, delicious meals, astonishing pool, and the icing on the cake: wonderful trips on the sea and the canals, with a fleet which had a capacity of 65 persons. We came as customers, but at the end we left as friends. This year, at my colleagues’ request , we’ll come back in the same place: at the Danube Delta - Gociman ... Thank you, Dragos Catalinoiu!
    Ileana Ionescu
  • I had been very reserved about this location until I arrived here for the first time. But things have changed. Now, I can say that I am totally in love with everything that Danube Delta means: nature, tranquility, marvelous landscapes and fun in such an absolutely fascinating environment! Undoubtedly, I will go more often in the Danube Delta…
    Dana Birsasteanu
  • The Danube Delta is like a dream, a miracle of the nature, a unique place in which the amazing landscapes, the traditions, the calmness, the music of the nature, the Danube and the sea are blending harmoniously. Every time I get into the boat, Tulcea stays behind me, and also my everyday worries, concerns, memories and plans, the past and the future. Only the present remains, and I feel overwhelmed by the Delta’s charm…
    Sorina Popescu
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The Danube Delta means adventure, exotism, relaxation, amazing landscapes, and intense feelings. In the Danube Delta you will feel free and alive, you and nature!
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We have some useful tips for you that will guarantee you a memorable stay, after that you will say, “I want more and more!”
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Because we really believe that the Danube Delta is the perfect tourist destination and the tourist services offered here are the best! We have tried, we liked this tourist destination and we make you some offers !
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